Get, Keep, & Grow Model


Getting the customers has four stages according to the Get, Keep, & Grow model. The first stage is awareness. Our product offers a solution to a problem (skimming) our customers are aware of the problem however they are not aware of our solution. Since there are multiple methods to reduce skimming we have to make our customer aware of the benefits of our particular method. How do we create this awareness? Our customer segment is rather small therefor we believe there is no point for expensive mass-advertisement methods like for example TV-commercials. We want to make our customers aware of our solution by directly approaching them, this can be done by direct calls, e-mails or letters.

Than we get to the interest stage. Once the initial contact has been made and we got the customers interest we have to make the sales. For example we can schedule a meeting where one of our sales representatives can further convince our customer of our problem solution.

Next we arrive at the consideration stage in this stage it is important for us to keep in close contact with the customers that is considering our problem solution. Finally we arrive at the purchase stage where one of our sales-representatives will close the deal.

Once we got the customer our job doesn’t end. As we already mentioned above our customer segment is small and for us it is really important to keep our customer.  First of course we have to deliver all that we promise or more if we offer less the customers will be dissatisfied and this is something we have to avoid. We also believe a good post-purchase service plays an important role in maintaining satisfied customers. We also have to handle effectively with complaints, delivery and billing. Another method we will use to keep our customers is provided updates for our software, to keep our software a head of the competition. Furthermore we will make use of check-in calls and or visits to see how that customer likes our product and we will also keep accurate records of any complaints or other customer-service issues we encounter. This will enable us to be proactive with our customers, fix problems and most important keep satisfied customers.

To finish our model how are we going to ‘Grow Customers’? Again we are operating in a small segment but there is definitely room for growth. We think the best method in the beginning is making use of mouth-to-mouth advertisement. Our customers operated in the same industry and we hope that through our excellent product and service they will convince each other. Furthermore our sales forces will continue to make contacts to new customers. Once we have customers we could also make use of their network. Once people get to know us and our solution we could also use forms of earned media. On our website we could for example publish press releases or product reviews.


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